Course description

Independent Studies

This program is ideal for those wishing to work independently under the guidance and supervision of an experienced professional artist. Designed for the intermediate or advanced level artist or student, this program will encourage you to work creatively in a disciplined and organized way. Working on your own combined with support, encouraging and meaningful exchanges of ideas along with an intensive period of guidance will help you come to an understanding of your own creative processes.

Some of the areas that this program will assist you in can be:

  • Learning to work in a new medium or material.
  • Perfecting and honing an existing skill.
  • Creating a body of work for an exhibition in a gallery.
  • Creating a portfolio.
  • Exploring new directions in your work.
  • Achieve other individual creative and artistic goals.
  • Marketing and sales strategies.

Program Components:

Schedule: To be determined together.

  • You will schedule to meet with me on an individual basis (4) four times per program, and meetings do not need to be sequential.
  • Each meeting will be (2) two hours in length and will involve a review and a constructive critique of your work, an overview of your creative objectives and a discussion of recommended research and reading materials.
  • Access to me via email and text messages during the duration of the program.

Cost: 460$ (taxes included)